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Addiction Group

Addiction Group is an informational web guide that was founded in 2019. Our website was created to help those struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and/or co-occurring mental health disorders find treatment for their addiction. All content published on Addiction Group is 写 by our team of journalists, researchers, 医生, and medical professionals. Every piece of content 写 on this site is fact-based and original.

Assisted Living Research Institute

Based on a combination of feedback from families, 我们的医疗专业团队为残疾人士创建了一个全面的指南,以了解更多有关辅助生活的选择. This guide breaks down the care options that are available, financial support to help pay the care needed, and resources that are available from each state.

Caring 4 Our Kids

我们是一群父母,他们的孩子患有自闭症,或者患有慢性疲劳综合症或纤维肌痛等炎症性疾病. Recent studies suggest a link between these conditions. We each know how overwhelming it can be when your child is first diagnosed. 同时,我们也理解抚养这些特别的孩子的日常生活中的艰辛和快乐. 我们聚集在一起,策划和创建对我们有帮助的资源,希望这些资源能帮助其他努力照顾和帮助他们的孩子茁壮成长的父母.

The California Wellness Foundation

An independent, private grantmaker, funded in 1992 by a substantial endowment from Health Net, one of California’s largest health maintenance organizations. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the health of the people of California.

Cerebral Palsy Group

脑瘫小组是为任何受脑瘫影响的人提供的在线资源, brain injuries, or birth injuries. 脑瘫组织是一个全国性组织,成立的目的是为被诊断为脑瘫的个人和家庭提供服务. We are here to provide information and support so that we may help provide 资源 and education to those affected by CP.

Clinical Trials Database for Patients

美国.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed to provide patients, 家庭成员和公众成员的临床研究的最新信息. 在搜索之前,您可能希望了解更多关于临床试验和本网站的信息. Check often for regular updates to



Drugwatch.Com报告有关危险药物和有缺陷的医疗设备的最新信息. We give you the information you need, when you need it. Our Patient Advocates can answer your medical questions and point you to a specialist. They can also assess your situation and help you find an attorney.


卫生与公众服务部的其他健康相关网站资源, offering links to mainly 政府ernment, nonprofit and other “official sources.”


This site offers report cards on physicians, hospitals and health plans.

HomeHealthCareAgencies.Com的创建是为了给消费者提供一个资源,他们可以在那里研究医疗保险认证的家庭护理机构, private duty home care companies and hospice care services in their area, 以及了解各种国家法规和其他家庭保健信息. We have carefully compiled our home heath care directory, to list home care companies by city and state. You can search for all agencies within your given area, 然后进行研究,以确定最好的可能的家庭护理公司为您的需求.

The Kaiser Family Foundation

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is a grantmaker, resource center, policy institute, and developer and supplier of analysis and information to policymakers, journalistic communities and the public.

The Mayo Clinic’s Health Oasis

Edited by a board of physicians and writers, 这个网站为病人和公众提供健康教育,并提供各种医学主题的最新资讯.


加州医保网站旨在为公众提供一个浏览和下载加州医保项目信息和出版物的论坛. 包括资格、HIPAA更新、医生费率、心理健康项目等信息.

Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center



MedicineNet is a network of physician educators dedicated to providing up-to-date, quality medical information for the public.


为临床医生和消费者提供领先的交互式、多专业、商业性的网络服务. Literally thousands of articles that can be easily downloaded. Also has a direct link to Medline.

为患者和家属提供最新的间皮瘤研究和治疗信息. 我们帮助那些患有间皮瘤与最好的专家和可用的资源.

National Health Law Program, Inc.

一家寻求改善美国工作和失业的穷人的医疗保健的国家公共利益律师事务所, 少数民族, the elderly and people with disabilities.


NewMouth的目标是教育公众正确的口腔护理技术, common oral conditions & how to find the best treatment possible. 纽茅斯的内部团队致力于提供与牙科行业相关的最高质量的内容.

Online Nursing Degrees

在线护理学位是一个不断增长的资源,提供了关于许多类型的护理学位的深入信息, including RN to MSN, FNP, DNP, WHNP, 和更多的. This information includes a description of each degree’s typical curriculum, career and salary outlooks, and what to look for when applying to an online nursing program. There are also featured articles, such as a recently published piece regarding men in nursing, which details the under-representation of men in the field, reasons why, and how to improve gender diversity.

这个在线药品索引允许访问者通过非专利药品或品牌药品来查找药品, find out about side effects, read clinical studies, and other warnings.

The Simple Dollar



SeniorAdvice.com已经建立了一个最大的目录的老年护理提供者在互联网上的任何地方,并已经花时间联系和调查数以万计的设施,以便为您提供最好的老年护理研究经验在任何地方. 我们的免费资源提供了关于经济支持和辅助生活选择等主题的全面信息.

Treat Mesothelioma

帮助全世界的间皮瘤患者-间皮瘤治疗社区致力于帮助那些患有间皮瘤癌症通过提供他们的诊断信息, life expectancy, and treatment options. 我们的存在是为了指导间皮瘤患者和所有遭受石棉相关癌症的人找到答案, care options, and free health solutions that will improve their lives and everyone around them.

Vision Center

视觉中心是一个信息网站指南,为那些寻求LASIK眼科手术和其他美容视力矫正选项创建. All content published on Vision Center is researched, 写, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry.


这个在线药品索引允许访问者通过非专利药品或品牌药品来查找药品, find out about side effects, read clinical studies, and other warnings.

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